Song of Truth


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He spoke of love as my heart-strings scatter on the floor

broken and weary from years of discord.

How can I gather the words needed to adequately confess

my distress at such blasphemy.


You know nothing of it!

You gather words and spew forth rhetoric as a mask,

thinly veiled and never meant to last.

You vowed to give the only thing I asked.

A task secured I thought,

in the harmony of our marriage bed.

Instead I stand here broken while you boast.

Truth is the one thing I value most!

Yet you refuse, use and abuse.

Yet, I do not regret the music of our lust

or the chaotic  sound of your lies.

You taught me to weigh words more heavily;

To open my eyes and see…

When defining fact from fiction,

actions are the melody.


© Day Dreamer

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