Born Free…

Born Free by DaydreamerPhoto by Sloane

Born Free by Daydreamer
Photo by Sloane


Find this piece over at Poetry Jam, Three Word Wednesday, Theme Thursday, and Imaginary Garden With Real Toads!  Join us and comment on some other awesome pieces!


34 responses to “Born Free…

  1. I really like the wind offering such a brace… quite a word, eh? You did great with it… and thanks! Good to see you again.

    • Thank you Laurie! Good to see you as well! I believe you are the first I have known to use that word other than my fiance. Phantasmagorical and Pulchritudinous are her favorites 🙂

  2. smiles…i was born for that freedom as well…spent the morning on the road and off to explore somewhere i havent been in years now…will let you know how my wind fairs…smiles…

    • Those trips are the best ones Brian! Two trips in one, freedom and fresh air plus the trip down memory lane. It revitalizes doesn’t it? I hope it was soothing for you 🙂 smiles back

  3. This is lovely and I like how you put your poems on the photos. That is not a skill I have. So many things I probably could do but don’t yet know how! Anyway I love the spirit of this horse.

  4. Watching shows about the wild Mustangs running is really a treat to watch. Horses were made to run and to run free is even better. Definitely a different take on chocolate and which is why you are all the best writers. Although I think the majority of us love eating chocolate after reading .

    Thanks for such a beautiful picture and poem for this weeks Theme Thursday. I hope you find lots of chocolate to eat this week, well at least one or two pieces. I love chocolate!!

    God bless.

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