Danger Ahead

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Stop, look, and listen.

Stop, drop, and roll.

Lessons we’re taught

as we get old.

Historic tales,

myth, and folklore.

Things forgotten,

misinterpreted, or

cast as superstition.

We cycle back to an old mindset.

Thinking we know best.

The past resets.

Future repeats history.

Ignored sign

a ripple in time,

and still we find it a mystery.

© Day Dreamer

Posted for dVerse Poets and Imaginary Garden With Real Toads.  Join us!


8 responses to “Danger Ahead

  1. Life is all about choices and living with the consequences of those choices we make, isn’t it. Some hurt, some bring great joy but, if we stand still, we stagnate.
    Very nice read.

  2. I practice some of the old mindset in a form of civil obedience on the roadways–drives people crazy!
    But your message is much broader, and it will stick with me: thinking about the signs I follow or not, and the ones I leave for others. It is no mystery to me that history repeats, no mystery. I believe you are asking us to choose which history.

    • I am indeed Susan! We always sit and listen to our parents and grandparents tell their tales and then go and repeat the same mistakes. Either because we forgot or because we didn’t believe. Then we wonder why history repeats itself. Thank you for your insight!

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