Torn © Day Dreamer Art is property of another artist


13 responses to “Torn

  1. A nice contemplation. What is at the foundation of reality? Our dreams exist, but that doesn’t make them real. Memories or those who are gone are not physical, but yet they somehow live on and therefore exist in our minds.

  2. Seemed haunting and scarey to me, like a whisper out of the darkness, a fear from the depths of self-doubt–but maybe that’s a reflection of how hard it is for me to read print over images and how determined I was to read it anyway. Like a whisper replacing my eyes, that I just have to follow. Whoa!

    • Thanks Susan! I’m sorry about the it being hard to read. I’m trying to enlarge it, but not having much success. You’re right though, it is a bit haunting.

  3. Dreams to ponder and enjoy. On a note of presentation, my old eyes had difficulty picking out the words, despite enlarging by 20% – a problem I often have with dark background blogs as well. Maybe a simpler typeface would have helped?

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